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    UTCC SMART POINT is a project which employs technologies as tool to raise the quality of University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. To supervise and track students’ behavior, mobile application system is designed and developed. It is a Smart University device that changes the paradigm of environment adjustment in the university. The Smart University is an important task for integrating information to retain and connect data inside the university via internet. Instructors and students can follow up the information on their smart phones in Real-time Real-location.

    This mobile application, UTCC SMART POINT, can be used on iPhone or any mobile devices, both iOS and Android operating system. Presented in Thai, this application can scan barcodes on student card with the use of a technology called RFID Card Reader. It is used for opening and recording each student’s behavior score. Apart from its ability to categorize student’s bad behaviors for the convenience of recording scores, the system also provides additional features for supporting instructors’ comments (Comment Box System) in case students have committed other wrongdoings.

     As for the university’s central data administration, the instructors of student’s discipline office can export data of individual students’ behavior and each wrongdoings’ statistics, so that they can use these data for further report.