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TU Mobile


    TU Mobile is developed to be the center of communication and public relations of Thammasat University’s general information, including news from the university itself and each faculty, in order to facilitate instructors, officers, students, as well as those who are interested in the access to university’s information. The application also provides privileges to students and university’s officers, and displays information, including contact of other sectors in the university, privileges from different shops, news, and activities. Users can share these information, which is presented in both Thai and English, if they find interesting. This application is available on smart phones with both iOS and Android operating system. There are many special features for convenience, such as:

•    My Organizer Users can add their favorite contents in their private organizer.
•    Privilege Program Users can receive promotion or privileges, which coordinate with TU Mobile application. This is privileged only for students, instructors, and officers in the university.
•    TU Other Apps Other university’s applications are shown in this section.
•    Insurance This section shows details about insurance for students.
•    Athletics This section presents sports activities in the university, as well as details for requesting the use of location and sports stadium.
•    Alumni This section shows information for alumni, such as how to request educational documents or how to provide donation to the university.

    TU Mobile facilitates users to keep the information that supports Multimedia File. It is easier to record information into the system via modern Content Management System: CMS. There is also a statistical system tracking of the whole system’s operation, with both the usage of application on smart phones and the usage of Admin work on website. The information can be displayed to users in Real-time & Real-location.

TU Mobile- an application on smart phones.