Success Storties

True Business 2015


    True Business is a leading communication technology company for every size of businesses that need to increase their efficiencies and elevate their capabilities to advance in business. With its convergent service, goods and services from True Corporation greatly help increase the business’ efficiency and make it more convenient to manage their technologies to effectively serve various needs of variety of businesses. Offers from True Business include telephone service, mobile phone service, internet service for organization, solutions and applications, all worth a use, economical and filled with thoughtful service, in order to make the clients’ business successful. 

    To give their clients more business knowledge, True Business has organized “TrueBusiness Forum 2015 “Connecting the world Connecting your business” on May 21, 2015, from 09.00 - 17.20 at Paragon Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon. The highlights of the event include the activity in which participants can download TrueBusiness application, developed on SHOPPENING Platform which has a feature that supports the promotion of interesting news and updates from True to their clients such as online magazine, Techno Notes, information on True’s special promotion, goods and service from True, and details on the forum and subscription. Apart from the application, the event also has live broadcast and StampCard which is a special activity for participants to scan QR Code at every booth in the event in order to win prizes from TrueBusiness.