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    True Corporation, a leading communication conglomerate in Thailand, has launched a new E-commerce under the name “TRUEAPPMAKER”, the service which allows all business including big, small and medium enterprises to create ready-made applications on smartphones. True Corporation has cooperated with SHOPPENING to become the first and the only SHOPPENING RESELLER in Thailand. True Corporation is now ready to have its own application.

    SHOPPENING RESELLER allows True Corporation to easily and conveniently access the market of Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) with the concept of 100% White Label, an easy way to create platform. SHOPPENING takes care all of these tasks for TRUE and turns all SHOPPENING Platform to become part of TRUE allowing TRUE to keep close relationship with their customers.

    After having joined SHOPPENING RESELLER PROGRAM, TRUE has launched the website TRUEAPPMAKER ( Here, SHOPPENING reorganized the tools in SHOPPENING for creating TRUEAPPMAKER. In addition, TRUE turned SHOPPENING into TRUEAPPMAKER, the application for viewing a sample application created from SHOPPENING Platform (Preview Application) for the users of TRUE APPMAKER.


    With this fast and easy-to-use service, the users who use SHOPPENING RESELLER do not have to invest in any extra features to create their platforms and do not have to spend extra money on related software copyright, maintenance, hardware tools including server tools, network and many other expenses. In addition, the users who use SHOPPENING RESELLER will be supported by the expert team from SHOPPENING along the whole process. With all this completed service preparation, TRUE will be able to launch the service and be able to focus fully on sales drive. The only thing TRUE needs to do is purchasing the credit for SHOPPENING application.   

    Besides the above mentioned features, SHOPPENING RESELLER also prepares these tools for supporting RESELLER including SHOPPENING RESELLER CONTROL SYSTEM and SHOPPENING CONFIGURATION SYSTEM which help managing sales and application development. This also includes publishing application on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and following the application usage statistics.      

    The tool of SHOPPENING RESELLER PROGRAM includes CREDIT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which controls the credit use of the application. In this page, the left amount of credit, the used credits and the application’s expiry date setting will be shown and the team of TRUEAPPMAKER can also purchase more credits from the system.

    SHOPPENING also offers ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which uses in managing the user’s account, both the users of the application and the server administrator of the RESELLER. This tool will take care of the platform and the setting of application’s use after creating the user account.

    The sales formats are introduced in 2 ways; customers create the application by themselves by using TRUEAPPMAKER or the staff of TRUEAPPMAKER creates an application for the customer. It can be sold directly to customers or they can register through In case of the direct sales, the staff can notify the team of TRUEAPPMAKER to create an account for the users. After this process, it depends on the model of the sales format whether the team of RESELLER creates the application for the customers or the customers form their own application.

    To create all application, you need to use the TRUEAPPMAKER’s tools. Starting by select Application Design, Application Layout or Application Color, then select the interested features for the application. Finally, you need to put in the content in each feature of the application. To modify the information, you need to use the account to log in and create, change, adjust and view the statistics for the use of the application.

    For the customer service, TRUEAPPMAKER can answer to the customers or if there are any other questions, the customers can contact SHOPPENING RESELLER for more information.

    SHOPPENING prepares all tools for creating an application with an easy and flexible Application Development Service Platform. Not only TRUE is a good example for showing SHOPPENING’s potential in starting new business, this also allows small and medium sized enterprise (SME) to access online business much easier than ever.