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TRON advances ASEAN business with mobile application


    TRON, one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) providers in Malaysia, has launched the application called TRON Mobile Merchant Platform (TRON MMP) since May 1, 2014. To respond to its becoming ASEAN MVNO, TRON aims to provide all users to use one SIM Card in all over ASEAN region with normal service rate—without additional Roaming fee. TRON has operated its plan to create its brand perception to ASEAN market, in order to increase customer base in both former and new market.

    TRON has collaborated with SHOPPENING to create TRON MMP, under the concept "It''s good to share." TRON customers can get information, promotions, and coupons from nearby shops that join the activity much faster. TRON arranges the opening of the application in Singapore for the first place. Starting with downloading TRON MMP application, TRON customers can view the information in the application or receive the privileges. Those who get the privileges have to register and log in, either by connecting to Facebook account or by connecting with TRON mobile phone number. After the complete registration, firstly, you will find the Highlight page. TRON officers can choose interesting information of the privileges, including special deals, coupons, and promotions. Besides, customers can also choose and view the latest special deal list on the Merchant menu with complete details of both condition and each campaign.

    To receive the privileges, there are 2 methods for customers, depending on the campaign. As for the campaign that allows to get the privileges via QR code, the users can just scan QR code of the related shop campaign, by clicking "Use" on the deal’s detail page and scanning QR code on the Redemption Material. If the users are under condition of getting the privileges, there will be a detail page that displays how to get the privileges with Redemption Code, so that the users can immediately receive the privileges. As for the other general campaign that TRON users can immediately get the privileges, the users can just click "Use" on the screen. If the users have got the privileges, the screen will display the Redemption Code for them to show the shops immediately.

    Another feature which benefits TRON MAP is Stamp Card. The shops that join with the application can launch stamp card for customers to collect shops'' points via application, without the need to bring smart card. TRON Admin can specify Stamp Point for customers to exchange for rewards. Once completing collecting points, customers can choose either to get the rewards immediately or to keep the points for the next time. This feature strengthens the creation of Loyalty Program in a new style to other businesses.

    However, TRON MMP also has various interesting features that can be applied to different business groups, such as Near By feature, which helps facilitate users to acquire the information of each campaign nearby, referred by location. These features are another way to help activate shop sales.

    Another important tool is Push Notification system. The shops can send information, news, and privileges to TRON MMP application users, in order to increase the perception of the shops and their own brands. The users can just log in to Notification Center via TRON MMP application. Sending messages via Push Notification system is a fast and convenient way to contact and publicize the correct target group of customers. SHOPPENING has prepared the complete tools in Notification Center system. The system focuses on the convenience and simplicity of the usability. Senders can select the objective of recipient groups, on the basis of personal Profile, which allows the users to register once starting using the application. This feature helps the users to send different public relations messages to different user’s target groups.

    One of the other interesting features in the application is that TRON officers can put brochures or posters for advertisement or public relations. SHOPPENING''s Gallery feature is applied to show the details of various campaigns, while more detailed information of the campaign is able to be viewed as well. If the customers are interested, they can receive the privileges by clicking to receive via QR code.

    We can see that SHOPPENING is not only a platform for creating mobile application but also an effective tool that helps TRON create its brand perception.

    Due to its vision to be more than the platform for creating application, SHOPPENING is also an effective tool to promote brands and is also TRON''s important answer, which helps easier for TRON to reach its aim as ASEAN MVNO. This opening of TRON MMP in Indonesia is an introducing project for TRON’s consistent prosperity in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand in the near future.