Success Storties

The New TAT Portal Site


    Seeing the significance of the online platforms, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has developed the website, with the modern “Responsive Web Design” that fully serves users, both Thai and foreigners, with interesting information. The website is designed to fit in every platform of various sizes – smartphones, iPads, laptops and PCs. Apart from that variety, TAT’s website is also equipped with functional systems to serve Thai and foreign tourists, Thai and international tourism entrepreneurs, and TAT staff who monitor the website. Those include 

  • The portal site system available in over 20 languages 
  • A website for disabled people, passed AA level from WCAG 2.0 assessment 
  • A system for tourism industry entrepreneurs to present their contents on TAT website. 
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Social Plug-in
  • Interactive Map
  • Saved searched itineraries on Trip Planner

    The “” portal site system is also used by TAT offices’ staff outside the country as a channel to promote tourism information and special promotions from the headquarter in Thailand to interested tourists abroad.  Therefore, contents on the website are constantly improved as well as the website structure to be available for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).