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THAI Smile Application


    THAI Smile, Light Premium Airline in Thailand, has just launched the application, THAI Smile, to offer customers of THAI Smile airline the latest updates, the travelling news and many special promotions exclusively for customers of THAI Smile.

    The application, THAI Smile, is one of main reasons why THAI Smile can capture the essence of travellers of new generation who use technology to access information. This application also offers customers of THAI Smile the new experience in travelling.

    The THAI Smile application will make your life easier by purchasing or booking the ticket via mobile phone and checking in before getting on board via this application.

    The THAI Smile application also offers you special privileges for the special customer like you which you can choose the best privilege that suit you.

    In addition, you can choose the travel destination you are interested in and then the THAI Smile application will send you the updates and promotions with the notification system so that you will not miss the special news and privileges.

THAI Smile developed the application with SHOPPENING Platform  

    THAI Smile chose SHOPPENING Enterprise Platform in developing The THAI Smile application supporting iOS and Android enhancing this application and makes it easier to use for target group of THAI Smile.

    The THAI Smile application is a major tool to create brand awareness allowing the customers to receive direct updates from THAI Smile airline. It is a new channel of THAI Smile to communicate with the customers. This application also enhances the travel experience of THAI Smile’s customers with modern and easy-to use application making THAI Smile the top choice in customers’ selection of airline. THAI Smile gains success through the objective, “Fly Smart with THAI Smile”.

Basic features of the application

•    Book flight – Book the seat of THAI Smile’s airline.
•    My booking – Manage booking details through your mobile phone.
•    Check in – Allow checking in before getting on board via mobile phone.
•    Promotion – The detail of promotion of THAI Smile’s airline
•    News & Announcement – Follow the update news from THAI Smile’s airline
•    THAI Smile blog – Connect to read the blog of THAI Smile’s airline
•    Travel extra – Reserve the accommodation and search for special deals with THAI Smile’s airline
•    Destination weather – View the weather forecast of the destination conducted by THAI Smile’s airline
•    THAI Smile office – Show the location for sales office via  Google maps

Application THAI Smile developed from SHOPPENING Platform