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Terminal21 Shopping Mall


    Terminal21 opens you to the new and trendy shopping experience in Asoke which brings you to well-known Market Streets from all around the world such as the Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood. It includes every new and fun lifestyle such as fashion, food, cinema and various kinds of entertainment. To answer the urban lifestyle, the mall has over 600 chic shops for fun Mix & Match. It also has the longest escalator with the length of 36 meters. Terminal21 is convenient to visit through BTS and MRT. Now, the whole world is waiting right in front of you. 

    And to prepare visitors, both Thais and foreigners, before experiencing the Market Street styled shopping, Terminal21 has expanded the channel to promote news and updates to interested visitors, especially the young generation, through website and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and online marketing promotion activities.

Interesting Points on Terminal21’s Developed Online Media

•    Website : the website is filled with information about Terminal21 and special feature for online movie ticket booking
•    Online Activity : the activities are developed to entertain people and to also promote the shopping center. Technology has taken part in the activities such as Lucky Draw on Facebook application, and etc.