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TAT Mobile Applications


    “Amazing Thailand” is a mobile application feeding users tourism information in English on various platforms – iPhone , iPad and Android while another application called “Tourism Thailand” gives information in Thai and is developed for only iPhone and Android. Presented in contemporary design, these two mobile applications, owned by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, are filled with contents on tourism and special promotions from both entrepreneurs and online travel agencies along with newly added features ready to serve smartphone users worldwide. This is a tourism marketing through smartphones which is a new and highly effective method in promoting tourist attractions and tourism related activities to high purchasing power tourists like smartphone users all around the world. The application keeps them updated with tourism information and conveniently facilitates their trips in Thailand. Gaining a significant part in promoting tourism in Thailand, these mobile applications effectively and impressively boost tourism in Thailand.

The “Amazing Thailand” Smartphone Mobile Application

    The highlights of the new “Amazing Thailand” application are numbers of newly developed features that corresponds with users’ interests and facilitates tourists during their trips such as “Augmented Reality” (AR) system which allows users to view symbols and tourism information around their location, “QR Code Scanner” to access tourism information, “Interactive Map” which suggests itinerary to various tourist attractions on smartphone maps, “Search” and “Filter” which helps tourists search and view information with filters can be applied and “Check-In” to share travel experience onto social networks. Moreover, new features has been added to the“Amazing Thailand” and “Tourism Thailand” applications such as the function “Share” to a popular social network like Twitter, “Thai Live Cam” which allows users to view tourist attractions in real time through the VDO Live Stream and “Activities” which let users answer questions on the application to win prizes. It is expected that the improved version of the two mobile applications of the Tourism Authority of Thailand will increase the frequency of the applications’ usage\nin order to promote tourism in Thailand on digital platform.