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TAT Media Cloud Portal


    TAT Media Cloud Portal gathers all information and various types of media of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in order to keep them managed and easy to be accessed by TAT staff. Moreover, the portal site can also serve as the center for search, exchange and trade of TAT’s digital tourism information. The portal site opens for all users to input, output, make comments and trade digital media online. It is a useful method in presenting and promoting information on the internet and online social network and can also be furthered into an effective marketing promotion tool or a way to make income for TAT in the future.

TAT Media Cloud Portal is consisted of three main systems. Each system contains various features as listed below.

1.    Media Cloud Portal
•    Converting and downloading files
•    Comment Box
•    Saving interested information or “Bookmark”
•    Like / Dislike
•    Share onto Facebook and Twitter
•    Search tool linked with Google Custom Search

2.    Digital Asset Cloud
•     Uploading files
•     Converting and downloading files
•     Setting information status into Private or Public
•     Sharing links for download
•     Editing Tag word/ Category/ Thumbnail
•     Notification
•     Tag word suggestion

3.    Admin System
•     File Management with three status settings; Public/ Hidden/ Deleted
•     Comment Management approving comments before appearing on site and deleting certain comments  
•    Account Management managing users’ accounts and granting the rights to access certain information to various levels of administrators.
•    Website Statistic featuring the amount of Pageview, User, Bounce Rate, Download and Top Content