Success Storties

TAT 7Greens


    Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has proceeded the encouragement of eco-tourism and sustainable tourism, in line with 7 Greens concept, since 2009 until now. TAT has also managed a lot of activities, for interested people, to create perception and concern towards the importance of eco-tourism. The collaboration between related public and private sectors is urged to be operated in concrete concept and broadcasted to target groups via different channels. There are online media on website, both in Thai and English, and Facebook, which is an effective way to publicize the project more widely and create more continuous perception of the project for those who are interested in eco-tourism.   

    In 2005, TAT has developed and improved how to present the information, so that it can suitably support the display on PC computers, tablets, and smart phones, via Responsive Web Design. The information of eco-tourism on website, both in Thai and English, and on Facebook page, 7 Greens, is continuously displayed in order to publicize the information of eco-tourism route, news, and various activities about eco-tourism. This is also to emphasize those related people in tourism industry, both public and private sectors, entrepreneurs, communities, mass media, and tourists, to consider the importance of eco-tourism. Besides, this can create more perception on Thailand’s image as an eco-tourism destination for foreign tourists. The target groups can approach to the information of the project precisely and quickly, in a modern way via online media, and can also communicate with each other.