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SF Showtime in your hand


    Have you ever missed the show just because you are a bit too late and all the seats are already booked? You and your friends then have to wait for another 2 hours to watch the movie in the next showtime. You will no longer have to deal with this problem, if you have SF Showtime in hand, the application which allows all movie-goers to check the showtime, book the seat, watch the trailer, share and invite friends on Facebook, use favorites to save the movie you like and remind you of its premiere and even purchase or book the ticket via your mobile phone.

Movie lovers, this application is for you!

    SF Showtime in Hand offers various features which answer to all that movie lovers want. The application starts by searching for your nearest SF cinema’s location with Nearby Suggestion system. You can view details of the movie that you like and check its showtime right away.

    To use this SF application, just simply download SF Showtime in your hand and register. After logging in, you will see all movies that show in all SF cinemas’ branches (Now Showing) and the upcoming movies (Coming Soon) which you can check for its showtime. What’s even more special is that you can search for the details and showtime of your nearest cinema or the branch that you want to go and choose the type of cinema you want including digital, 3D and many more. 

    SF Showtime in your hand also offers you privileges by giving you the great entertainment while receiving special promotions.    

SF creates an easy-to-use application with SHOPPENING Platform

    SF Showtime in your hand is developed from SHOPPENING Enterprise Platform with various features answering all the business’s demand. SHOPPENING allows SF Cinema to create a beautiful, practical and high-quality application supporting a great number of users at the same time while connecting to the ticket reservation system (Booking System) to offer a great experience for customers of SF Cinema in each time they watch the movie here.

•    Now Showing – View the latest new movies now playing in the cinema and the showtime.
•    Booking& Buying – Book the seat or purchase the ticket.
•    Ticketing – Manage the reservation or the purchase of the movie ticket.
•    Showtime – Show details of the movie, the movie poster, the length of the movie, the premiere date and its brief plot.
•    Promotion – Show the detail of promotions for purchasing the movie ticket.  
•    Push notification – Receive news and early promotions from SF.
•    Cinema – List of SF Cinemas’ branches
•    Coming Soon – View the upcoming movies and their premiere date.
•    Advance booking – Book the ticket for upcoming movie in advance.
•    Sharing – Share your favorite movie to your friends with stickers on popular social media like Facebook.
•    Wish list – Pick your interesting movies and receive notification when the movie will be playing.

Application - SF Showtime in your hand developed from SHOPPENING Platform