Success Storties



    The opening of Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) SHOPPENING results in great feedbacks from various partners, who are interested in applying SHOPPENING Platform to their businesses. Previously, there were a number of people who downloaded the application created from SHOPPENING Platform, owing to the supporting factor from the increasing perception of the significance of mobile phones in recent years. However, this market still faces an important obstruction. That is, when a business owns an application, it must make a lot of effort to design, develop, test, and maintain that application. In addition, the development of the application needs experts in Computer Programming and also needs a long time period.

    SHOPPENING Platform fulfills this gap by developing the application on the basis of SHOPPENING Platform. It helps reduce difficulty and process of creating application, making it faster, since SHOPPENING had prepared the Core Feature for the application already. What the business has to do is to understand what it needs, apart from the prepared core feature. The SHOPPENING Team will develop the application to meet the business’s need. We can do everything, including using application to promote products, create promotion, arrange activities for market promotion, or distribute discount coupons.

    An example that shows the success of the application which applies SHOPPENING Platform in Robinson department store business can be calculated from the number of users who downloads the application after its opening. Even in the first month, the number of users reach up to 40,000.

    The application is designed on the basis of SHOPPENING Platform, which is easy to use, as well as User Interface (UI), which is user-friendly. There are various features for different level of businesses, including its abilities to adjust features to support specific needs of each large-sized business.

    Once downloading the application from Apple App Store, for iPhone users, and Google Play Store, for Android users, all users can register into the system as general users by creating username and password. They can also register with their Facebook Account via Facebook Connect. Users are ready to use the application only according to these easy steps.

    When entering the application, you will begin with the Main menu. You can go to any features in the application, or if you wish to know the way to Robinson department store, this application can locate the position and guide you there. Besides, this application helps you know and search for the information of various brand names, as well as news for promotion, under the Promotion tab. You can follow up the promotions and privileges. The Promotion tab is divided into 4 kinds; all over Thailand, only brands, only branches, and others, making it convenient to search.

    Robinson Application makes it easier to search what you want to know. With this application, you will be able to go shopping much more conveniently. Robinson department stores are ready for every customer to have a new experience of shopping by yourself.

Information Management System and Robinson Application by SHOPPENING Platform