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Provincial Police P1


    Nowadays, the continuously advanced technology has played a crucial role in both government and private sectors as it makes communication among people more convenient and faster. Internet, a widely used technology that creates great number of new channels connecting people with information worldwide, allows government and private sectors to easily access news and information from the government at any time. Therefore, it can be most convenient to broadcast information on the internet when the government needs cooperation from all sector or wants to present information to the public.
    The Provincial Police P1 was in need of renovating and improving the channel to service people and tourists in a more modern and effective way as well as  increasing the capabilities of their related divisions in order to maintain the security of people. Presented under the concept “Community Policing,” Provincial Police P1 has promoted people and private sector to participate in their work to protect, control and solve crime problems and to strengthen their service quality in order to be prepared for ASEAN Economic Community. It is necessary for Provincial Police P1 staff to have knowledge and ability in communicating through technology in order to fully help and effectively service tourists and to be able to assess the aimed work results. Therefore, the Provincial Police P1 has initiated the project creating new channel to communicate to tourists through technology.

Part 1 Application : divided into two systems

1. Application for the public consisting of main features as follows
•    Provincial Police P1 news and updates
•    Notifying to the police
•    Searching staff and nearby police station through three tools – map , AR, and lists
•    Information on Provincial Police P1

2. Application for police staff consisting of main features as follows
•    Login system with user number and password
•    Check-In to locate the police staff
•    Receiving notifies from people and replying through InBox messages
•    News and updates and information search

Part 2 Information Management : dividing users into three levels

1. Smart Police P1 for Information Management staff
•    Dashboard Management setting topics and automatic replies
•    Content Management
•    Update Management

2. Smart Police P1 for central supervisors
•    Summary Dashboard summarizing work results        
•    Police Staff Dashboard presenting staff’s work results     
•    Message Dashboard for notices        
•    Other Statistic Dashboard
•    Feedback Dashboard featuring comments

3. Smart Police P1 for P1 supervisors
•    Viewing work results on Dashboard which categorizes by province/ division
•    Police Staff Management managing staff accounts
•    Message Management managing division’s notices

Part 3 Provincial Police P1 Online Social Network Management

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Twitter :