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Nokia Lumia CRM Application, an innovation that creates Loyalty Program for businesses in new era


    Nokia released the new Nokia Lumia smart phone in 2011, in order to increase the competing channel for smart phones. Its object is to create the perception on Lumia brand. Nokia itself has expected it to be the revolution of smart phones.

    Jirapat Janjerdsak, an executive at Nokia (Thailand) Ltd., said that the most important thing at this moment is to increase more demands for Nokia Lumia smart phones. Nokia has seen the importance of giving privileges directly to customers. Apart from buying media for advertisements like usual, Nokia supports the service from SHOPPENING, which is an End to End Platform in the Loyalty Program production. It is the necessary part for this Nokia Lumia CRM campaign success. Nokia has prepared Mobile Coupon for Nokia Lumia users to receive their privileges via Nokia Shop Exclusive application. This includes free privileges and other discounts.

    Nokia Shop Exclusive''s Amazing Surprise campaign provides privileges only for Nokia Lumia users when they buy mobile phones at Nokia shops that join the activity. The process to receive privileges is very easy. The users can only enter into SHOPPENING Merchant Management system. They can get privileges on the application by using Nokia Lumia and downloading Nokia Shop Exclusive application. Once entering the application system, the users can select and get the interesting privileges by clicking "USE." They will get Redemption Code to show at the shop within 15 minutes after clicking to receive the privileges.

    Besides, SHOPPENING also provides a technology called Augmented Reality (AR). The users can search for location to receive privileges via Nokia Lumia. Cameras in this technology will pan and guide users to shops that join the promotion. In addition, the technology can connect to Social Media, both Facebook and Twitter, so that the users can share the privileges to their friends. It also provides registration on Facebook, which is much more convenient. Moreover, the shops can also view statistics of the access to SHOPPENING Business Analytic system.

    With these methods, Nokia Lumia users can feel the new experience for creating Loyalty Program via Window Phone Store, in order to increase engagement and perception for the users and other brands all the time.

    Nokia Exclusive Shop application is the second phase''s Amazing Surprise campaign, after the first phase''s Amazing Surprise application which was highly successful. Owing to SHOPPENING team''s experiences, both campaigns have played an important role for Nokia to increase Nokia Lumia sales and other related supplementary gadgets.