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MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center Website


    “MAYA” is a new shopping center that includes all lifestyle of Chiang Mai city. The shopping center was designed to be promoted online through website, mobile application, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and online marketing promotion activities. Under the artistic concept, “the Neo-Lifestyle Center of Beyond Imagination Experiences,” the place is unique in its architecture with curves and inspiration from Thai craftsmanship that reflects the delicate culture of Thai weaving. MAYA is aimed to be “the Iconic Landmark Architecture,” as well as a shopping center that combines all modern lifestyle, a meeting point and a new entertainment spot of Chiang Mai.  

Interesting Points on MAYA’s Developed Online Media

•    Website : the website is filled with information about MAYA and special feature for online movie ticket booking
•    Mobile Application : the application has special features for MAYA’s customers such as Privilege Redemption and Notification
•    Online Activity : the activities are developed to entertain people and to also promote the shopping center. Technology has taken part in the activities such as Lucky Draw on mobile application with the help of Mobile Check-in system, the use of hashtags on photos on Instagram, and etc.