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KTC Bonds with Every Class of Clients with Campaign on Smartphone


     SHOPPENING and Krungthai Card Public Co. Ltd. (KTC) have created a mobile application campaign for Thailand Boutique Award (TBA) as another channel to broadcast news about the event, apart from the main website, opening a chance for interesting participants, both Thais and foreigners, to access the information from their mobile phones. 

    With the cooperation from SHOPPENING, TBA has initiated its own mobile application, equipped with useful features for participants such as E-voucher, an electronic coupon in form of QR code, and Loyalty Card for collecting points.   

    Mr. Thanapongpan Thanyarattakul, CEO of SHOPPENING, said that this is the beginning where hotels and accommodations in TBA’s campaign start promoting their information, not only through website, but also through mobile application, which is another important channel where hotels and accommodations dealt with KTC can broadcast news and special promotions.  The application has the “Nearby” feature which allows users to find nearby accommodations and tourist destinations easier. 

    SHOPPENING has also planned to add more useful features for users and help promote tourism entrepreneurs in TBA project such as Mobile Coupon for hotels to give away special privileges and discounts to application users. First 100 lucky users can receive special privileges from hotels in KTC campaign only by scanning QR code through the application.

    Moreover, users can also collect points on TBA Member Card through the application every day in order to win a chance to receive prizes from various hotels and accommodations.

    Mr. Thanapongpan also added that TBA’s mobile application has the Business Analytics system which can display and measure the application usage, allowing the event organizer to monitor the use of the application in order to effectively manage the campaign to answer the needs of each class of users. The Business Analytics offers user count, coupon usage count categorized in channels of use or in list of hotels which users are interested in.  Moreover, KTC and staff from hotels joining the campaign can view Profile of the interested users, including age, sex, occupation, income and location. This allows TBA and hotels to directly inform specific promotion to targeted group through Push Notification with the help of filter use where they can select conditions in sending promotions, for example, spa information to female users, aged 25-35, with income more than 15,000 baht a month. Sending Push Notification is the most direct and effective way to broadcast information to targeted customers.