Success Storties

"KBANK Application," a connected media for bank customer group


    Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, Thailand''s first digital bank leader, has initiated a path to present new forms of financial products and services for customers, in response to new lifestyle and technology. It also provides various marketing campaigns for customers.

    Thanakan Uaworakunchai, Assistant Vice President of Kasikornbank, said that the bank has found a new way to create privileges and Loyalty Program for bank customers on mobile devices, in order to create strategy to attract customers and add value to its brand and customer loyalty. This method has connected various privileges that the bank has provided for Kasikornbank customers via K Mobile Banking Plus application, to provide Kasikornbank''s complete privilege services on smart phones.

    SHOPPENING is well-known as an expert on a complete mobile application. SHOPPENING Interprise platform is a tool that fits various business needs and can connect the system inside its business. It can also develop more extended ability, in order to support the needs from other businesses.

    The most important thing is that SHOPPENING is designed to help Thai Kasikornbank able to raise the level of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Loyalty. This is to increase transaction uses and to create an engagement with the bank''s services on mobile phones.

    On K Mobile Banking Plus application, SHOPPENING has prepared a method for receiving privileges. Bank customers can show their mobile phone to receive privileges at any shops that join the privileges, by only clicking "USE" and showing the Redemption Code on the display. Shop attendants and cashiers are also able to check the Redemption Code via SHOPPENING Redemption Verification System.

    As for the activities on the application, the system will record and show the result via SHOPPENING Business Analytic tool, in order to display the usability of the campaign. Besides, SHOPPENING also has Inbox feature, so that users of K Mobile Banking Plus application can send messages about the campaign directly to the users themselves by identifying their emails.

    With SHOPPENING''s ability, K Mobile Banking Plus application can present its service, an innovation to increase brand loyalty and engagement with bank customers, including other financial transaction. This is marked as Thai Kasikornbank''s new and important channel to communicate with its customers.