Game changing opportunities of emerging technologies and market trends to drive innovation and growth
Solution / Mobile 3.0

Mobile 3.0 is the next phase in the evolution of mobile content and commerce, where mobile has become the primary tool for engagement and transaction in consumers’ digital lives.

Who, what, where, why?
Smartphones drove adoption of non-digital purchases, with growth markets still champions of digital downloads. Entertainment and convenience are the main motivators of Mobile 3.0 varying significatly by market

    Most apps were developed based on existing online offerings, customer insights & segmentation, backend limitations and without leveraging data. Most organizations need to restart their app efforts with user centric design and data powered solutions applying uniquely mobile first methodologies. With the average lifespan of an app being three years, it might be time to refresh your current apps anyway.

    Most organizations need to restart their app efforts with user centric design and data powered solutions applying uniquely mobile first methodologies.

    Forget about looking at what functionality customers use today on the web and design the service based on the needs and requirements of a mobile user interacting with your organization and services.

    Leverage context including location, situation and time as well as data-driven insights from previous behavior, interests and usage patterns to personalize the user experience and anticipate what the user needs before they know it.

    Leverage context and time as well as datadriven insights to personalize the user experience and anticipate what the user needs before they know it.
Solution / Commerce Relevancy
The Next Generation of Omnichannel Commerce

The next wave taking omnichannel commerce to the next level will address information relevancy at every channel and all customer interactions – called Commerce Relevancy.

The evolution of the retail environment has taken us from single channel to omnichannel retailing. Customers expect to find product information and make purchases when it is most convenient to them. As a result, delivering the right product and brand information at every customer touch point has never been more important.

Commerce Relevancy is the next wave putting Omnichannel Commerce on another level. it is focusing and combining product and customer data to deliver consistency and relevancy in omnichannel retailing. That will have deep impact in customer experience.
The new generation of Commerce Relevancy requires the right information and data which help turning data into a competitive advantage by helping organizations present product information that is complete, accurate and easy to understand.

In order to enable Commerce Relevancy, companies are now asking themsleves
how to connect the dots between supplier, location, customer and product information.
  • Relevant Product Recommendations Everywhere

    What is the next logical buy? This will not only be leveraged in ecommerce but at any customer touch point

  • Relevant Locations

    The ways of product delivery become more flexible. Customers are being served always from the location nearby.

  • Relevant Marketing

    Personalization will reach a new level combining product, location, supplier and first of all customer information the right way and across all channels.

  • Relevant Analytics

    Measuring the heart frequency to understand customers’ emotions while shopping opens new possibilities, when connecting the data to unleash information potential.

4 Elements of Commerce Relevancy
  • Relevant product

    Recommendations everywhere: what is the next logical buy? This will not only be leveraged in ecommerce but at any customer touch point.

  • Relevant locations

    The ways of a product from an own warehouse, from a supplier warehouse and brick and mortar become more flexible. Customers are being served always from the location nearby.

  • Relevant marketing

    Personalization will reach a new level combining product, location, supplier and first of all customer information the right way and across all channels. Relations of and between data (like customer profiles and product bundles) build the core of customer experience, when delivered in real-time.

  • Relevant analytics

    As customers expect real time information and services new technologies come up to use eye mark recording or image recognition of customer faces when customers returning into a store. Measuring the heart frequency to understand customers’ emotions while shopping opens new possibilities, when connecting the data to unleash information potential.

Solution / Unified Cloud

unified cloud is evolving from cloud computing concept. It is the concept of seamlessly integrating private, public and hybrid cloud. unified cloud reduces complexity of multiple cloud providers. This service offers simplicity, usability and productivity of the whole enterprise system and makes ability to leverage big data and web scale IT technology.

Who, what, where, why?

A few years ago, businesses are looking for modernizing their legacy systems by replacing with cloud computing concept. As technology advancement, existing cloud improve and unified cloud is introduced. unified cloud makes it easy for businesses to enhance their control of service infrastructure. It unifies the complexity of infrastructure into simpler one. Business can manage and integrate their public, private or hybrid cloud. Moreover, unified cloud concept allows you leverage web scale IT capability

unified cloud is the new breakthrough innovation of digital business. unified cloud eliminate hardware hassle and cost barriers. This is faster to capture more of digital landscape for strong growth and profitability. unified cloud is the new plane of competition.

  • Challenge

    Imagine that your business launches new service, and it is so popular. How could you manage the high volume traffic? Is this the opportunity or catastrophe? unified cloud give your business prompt to face with this opportunity. With unified cloud strategy; you can take full control of your cloud infrastructure with scalable capability. It might be time to think about unified cloud.

  • Solution

    Start using unified cloud strategy, you don’t need to think about it from the scratch. 2 3 Perspective is ready to help you achieve your goal. For example, your business would like to launch online campaign for millions of attendee. Start with system design, the development team have to plan and think about it. Infrastructure is the core part. The infrastructure design part takes the important role. Whether, you design to use public cloud or private clouds or even hybrid concept. This could be done. If you are data privacy concern business like banking and finance, you could implement the full set of private cloud. If the priority is only the privacy of customer data, the private cloud for data store are proper. Meanwhile, the calculation part could be done using public. If the money value is the big thing, public cloud is the alternative. Infrastructure investment is only needed for private. Public cloud provider let you start with small package and pay more when the traffic volume rise. In practical, you have to pay more when promoting your campaign. Keep in mind that it more flexible to pay as you go. Just this, your store data prompt with big data, your solution can be scale and your service are ready to top in customer mind

  • Benefit for customer
    • Fast, stable and reliable service
    • Reasonable price from reasonable cost
    • Single sign on solution
    • Consolidate mobile and web service
    • More convince when using platform as a service
  • Benefit for business
    • Centralized management
    • Flexible to choose most suitable providers
    • Leverage web scale it , big date and cloud computing concept
    • Pay as you go
    • Cost saving and money value

Solution / Platform Ecosystems

Platform ecosystem creates new way to do business. Every digital player can provide their specialist to other to create value. Combining service is the Key to success in API economy.

Who, what, where, why?

In API economy, the leader in tomorrow business combines the various platforms and various products from difference provider. Isolation is not an option for tomorrow business. No one can do everything. Just choose what you expert and do it fast. Let your partners do their specialize job for you. For the leader, world is moving fast.

Imagine that you would like to add new service to your portfolio. The basic option is to develop it from the scratch. Start by, experts brainstorm, plan and design in detail. Then, you have to wait for 4 months to complete development loop. Are you sure that this is the way to ride on a wave of popular technology.

Nowadays, your life depends on multi-platform ecosystem. Smartphone is the solid example. Apple and Google, two big brothers in smartphone technology, provide iOS and Android for developer to implement useful application on top of their platform. There are other on-top-technologies, such as health kit, wearable device, smartwatch, glasses and other Internet of Thing.

Regarding Google and Facebook, these enterprises, also provide multi-services on their platforms. There are useful ad network and analytic tool that your business can use and play with it. Think about create online campaign to introduce your new product. Forget to only create your own website. Facebook and google provide the powerful channel for you to interact with your end customers.

To optimize time consuming in developing the capability, your business can leverage the digital business platform by using platform ecosystem from various providers.

  • Benefit for customer
    • Access the comprehensive service from local that leverage expert provider
    • Be able to use "world-class" capabilities which are provided by the expert as Facebooks, Google or Apple.
  • Benefit for business
    • Do not need to create the service from the scratch. Use less effort to create new service.
    • Focus only your expertise service and deliver the best thing to customer.
    • To be able to deal with flexible, cloud models with multiple tiers of client and service components
Solution / Social Controller
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Solution / Mobile Enterprise Platform

Robust capability to customize your next mobile application.
Sell on mobile . Enhance customers . Grow your business.

“SHOPPENING Enterprise” provides end-to-end platform as a service which enables your enterprise capability to create new revenue stream on your own, engage with existing customers, connect with the new one and grow your business as leveraging rapid growth of the smartphone devices. With the comprehensive enterprise-class mobile application suite, SHOPPENING Enterprise solution can meet your business objectives with robust capability for platform customization.

SHOPPENING Enterprise platform including Consumer’s side with Mobile Application and Business’s side with Administration and Analytics Systems, can run with the core features such as M-commerce, Privilege Program management, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management System, Social Connecting, Data Analytics, etc. or even your customized features; both based on secured and scalable infrastructure. Build your success opportunities with SHOPPENING, by time to market, as well as the easiness to set up without software hassle and cost saving, to achieve both your customer’s need and business’s requirement among the rapid changing business environment.


Create your business, brand, and branch information to your target audience and connect to them. Satisfy them with your mobile campaign, favorite product, service, promotion and even push the targeted notification to them at once!


Enhance your CRM program and privilege program with impressive customer experience to get more engagement with your customers effectively anywhere anytime.


Create the new revenue stream via full-functioned mobile commerce platform managed by real-time administration system and integrated with the secured payment gateway.


Get feedback and insight of your customer from all activities on the platform with full business analytics to help you make the right decision with accurate data.


Design your own M-commerce, following with your CRM strategy on mobile application using the Merchant Management System. Leverage the SHOPPENING capability to control your products and campaigns information in real-time with specific conditions for each targeted customer.


With SHOPPENING, manage your campaign with comprehensive tool make you just focus what you need to do, without software and infrastructure hassle. Help to grow your revenues in perpetuity.


    Flexibility is the most important design principle of SHOPPENING platform.SHOPPENING can adapt to use in many business sector. Especially core Shoppening platform which have full set of feature which can use it to serve many business needs. Just try and find it yourselves.


    Regardless what you want, we can do for you, integrating with your existing service, any business requirement or support new innovative technology.


    Talk to us for creating the new opportunity with SHOPPENING by integrating with your internal. Our robust system can smoothly connect with other. Moreover, SHOPPENING can utilizes third party service like Facebook, Apple or Google to do marvelous thing.


    Customer centric, connect your business with your customer. Easy to use UI and light weight flow. A suite of design, screen and layout, Just preview and chose it.


    Turn visitor into retain customer Build your brand with campaign and loyalty feature.Get in touch, engage them, and then focus on increasing sale figure.


    New way to open your online store on mobile. SHOPPENING provides the complete set of tool which can be enable the m-commerce capability, fast and easy to do m-commerce.


    Evolving the way to convert online traffic into loyal customer. Lead them to your store and get in touch with your customer anytime, anywhere.


    Control the whole activities and content in your application using SHOPPENING CONFIGURATION TOOL. Response to the quickly changing business environment with SHOPPENING.


    The effective way to monitor and report your campaign with nearly real time usage data and campaign performance. With on time data, you can make the right decision with right time.


    SHOPPENING offers full length of solution which support a difference kind of the infrastructure and technical requirement, comply with industry procedure, support scalability feature.

  • Help grow fee base revenue for your organization from new value added service, "Online-to-Offline" (O2O), mobile commerce and the payment made through different payment gateways, mobile shopping, merchant fee, redemption fee, and mobile advertising.
  • Enhance your CRM program, customer experience, and customer service.
  • Effectively connect & engage your customers everywhere any time.
  • Help your organization to manage campaign performance management using innovative mobile campaign in real-time with location-based offer, merchant management system, and mPOS capability.