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TAT Presents “Beacon Technology,” a New Experience through Mobile Application at “Thailand Tourism Festival 2016”

From the success of Thailand Tourism Festival 2015 with over 600,000 visitors, which has boosted over 400 million baht circulating in tourism industry in the past year, Thailand Tourism Festival has returned this year for 36th time in 2016, at Lumphini Park, Bangkok, January 13 – 17, 2016.
TAT Presents “Beacon Technology,” a New Experience through Mobile Application at “Thailand Tourism Festival 2016
This year, TAT has proudly presented “Beacon Technology,” a new digital trend that allows TAT to communicate and provides information to visitors through smartphones, and strengthens TAT’s leading ability in digital marketing.
The event has divided into four main zones; Tourism Authority of Thailand Exhibition and Activity Area, Tourism of 5 Regions, Goodies from 50 Districts of Bangkok, Main Stage with daily shows from noon to 10 pm.

With the help of Bluetooth which is a radio wave, Beacon will alert visitors who reach the area of Lumphini Park with a notification message on their smartphones. It can be sent to unlimited recipients within the same time.

TAT has set for two types of notification – notifications messages from the main event and notification message from each booth.
TAT Presents “Beacon Technology,” a New Experience through "Amazing Thailand" Mobile Application at “Thailand Tourism Festival 2016”
Benefits to the visitors who use Beacon function
1. Receive news and information as soon as they arrive at the event and enter each zone through push notification on their smartphones.
2. Show maps and directions of the event. When selecting a booth, a list of booth names will appear along with its details and activity schedule.
3. Be informed of interesting promotions of each booth they are entering.
Moreover, the application also has offline map for visitors to see the location of each zone without connecting to the internet.
Therefore, before coming to the Thailand Tourism Festival 2016, visitors have to download the mobile application, “Tourism Thailand” for Thai users, and “Amazing Thailand” for foreigners, which support for both iOS and Android platforms, from AppStore and Play Store respectively. Then turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. The function Beacon is now ready to use.
Don’t miss this once-a-year event where you can travel throughout Thailand. The event is free admission and the use of mobile application is also free of charge!
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