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Mobile Trend 2016 Reveal How To Create Smartphone Marketing Strategies

MOBILE FIRST WIN FIRST, Business in Your Pocket

Understand yours customers through mobile applications

A group of experts in smartphone marketing led by Thanapongphan Thanyarattanakul, CEO of 2 3 Perspective Co.,Ltd, the leader of mobile application strategies, Vetsutee Laotrakul and Thanarat Diloksawasdeekul, Mobile Specialists from SHOPPENING, and the management team from Digital Groove Co.,Ltd which includes Nipon Sangteerapanid, Managing Director, and Songpon Yingsuwanchot, Marketing Director, together, held a seminar, MOBILE FIRST WIN FIRST, Business in Your Pocket: Understand the Customers Through Mobile Applications. 

The seminar was aimed to provide organizations and entrepreneurs with the overall image of the change in mobile trend in 2016, the one-stop-service through mobile applications, as well as domestic and international case studies, so that they could adjust themselves to the changing trend.

The Secret to Business Success in 2016

Facebook and Alibaba's business profits on mobile applications in the last quarter were worth 76% and 51% consecutively of total revenue. The number of smartphone users across the world is over 2 billions, 28% of the total population, which include 565 millions from China, 182 millions from Asia, and 37 millions from Thailand. It is expected that the number will reach 6.1 billions by 2020. This year is the first time that smartphone users exceeded those using desktop computers. Therefore, it is undeniable that smartphones have played an important role in the changing consumer behavior. Entrepreneurs need to consider about the strategies to gain an advantage in this new business game.

Mobile 3.0, the age of mobile services under the concept “Mobile First”, is coming in 2016

Thanapongphan Thanyarattakul, Managing Director of 2 3 Perspective Co.,Ltd, said in the seminar that of the major digital technologies – including mobility, social media, big data analytics, the cloud – mobile application, as a part of mobility, has risen to the top in this era because more than 80% of smartphone users use mobile applications while the rest of 20% use mobile browsers. This trend also has effects on other industries, such as mobile application advertising, mobile payment, and mobile commerce.

We have been through Mobile 1.0, when mobile applications were first created for brands and organization, and Mobile 2.0, the period when organizations started to provide services, for example, trading, ebook, and social media, more on mobile apps. The interesting mobile marketing trend in 2016 is Mobile 3.0 which is the era of services on mobile phones under the concept of Mobile First, created to focus mainly on the consumers and bring out the features of smartphones: mobile contents and mobile commerce, to provide services for each individual consumers. Mobile apps have become the main tool to establish interactions and daily trades with the consumers. Smartphones have improved the trade from the analog period.

Design experience: Not just design app “Mobile experience is the heart of mobile application”

Mobile marketing is available in various forms depending on the purpose of the business which could be to increase the customer base and brand awareness as well as to manage customer relationships in long term. Choosing the proper tool, for example, between mobile apps or websites, depends on the method you want to apply in your business. To create effective mobile strategies, it requires understanding on the concept of creating experiences for customers.

Nipon Sangteerapanid, Managing Director of Digital Groove Co.,Ltd., mentioned that there were many applications in the market which included apps that will make customer's life easier, focus on customer relationships, emphasize on mobile commerce (M-Commerce), or all combined. These apps meet the requirements of organization's marketing. In order to create experiences, you need to find strong points, such as creating Omni Channel Experience which emphasizes on connecting customer's every touch point or creating experiences on the store pages by using technologies like GPS or iBeacon to provide privileges or make the right contents.

4 Steps to Create an Impressive App “Let The App Be What Customers Cannot Live Without”

Experts in application development, Vetsutee Laotrakul, Product Manager, and Thanarat Diloksawasdeekul, Project Manager from SHOPPENING, added that, nowadays, it is very easy to create applications. 

We have different tools to do that in the market but the most important thing is how to make the users impressed when they download the app and to make them want to keep it. There are 4 main principles:

1) Make the app a service that the customers cannot live without

2) Concern about customers' experiences when they first use the app. Make sure it is perfect.

3) Make use of the functions, especially the tools that create engagement with the business like Chat or Push Notification.

4) Encourage the customers to use the app in many different ways. Constantly check the statistics to make an improvement.

Mobile Trick to Win First “If we can be the mobile phone, we can be in the customers' hearts”

Nowadays, people have turned their interests to the mobile market especially in the field of creating applications for small and greater businesses. According to the recent figures, there are more than 3 millions apps on App Store. The question is how to make your app stand out among other 3 millions apps. Even though there are more than 35 millions Thai people who use smartphones, we do not create our app for everyone. We need to focus on our target group and know what they need. “If we can be on the mobile phone, we can be in the customers' hearts.” Songpon Yingsuwanchot, Marketing Director of Digital Groove Co.,Ltd gave 3 simple tricks on how to start making an app.

1. Customers FEEL -Consider about the consumers' feelings after using your app. Choose one emotion to clarify your way of developing the functions and communications.

2. What's NEW – Look for something new which includes New Mobile Technology, to use technologies wisely as much as necessary, and New Tools, to make mobile phone different from other marketing tools.

3. The NEXT

- The next TREND – Predict the trend. We should keep an eye on Interactive Experience, Internet of Things and Personalize data.

- The next PEN – Write the contents you want to send to the customers. If the contents are not updated, there is no point of keeping the app.

- The next VERSION – When we release the app, do not abandon it. Every download counts as a valuable asset. We need to think about what we can do from there. To continue the work is always better than starting from zero.

“Lastly, we always forget about promoting our app. From the time and money we have spent, it is necessary to bring our apps into our customers' hands,” said Songpon.

We can see that what's important to create a successful mobile application is understanding your customers. We need to know the digital lifestyle of our target group and what motivates them to be active online in order to know what kind of application would meet the need. These are the things we need to prepare for 2016.