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Knowing 4 Megatrends in 2016 and Adjusting Business for the Age of Mobile First


Changes in technology that are considers new megatrends affecting IT industry worldwide from 2015 – 2021 are Mobility, Social, Cloud and Big Data. They are new challenges that will revolve around the business. So, we need to be prepared for the upcoming change. 

The creations of these four megatrends have helped IT industry to be able to service from only million to billion clients. Number of mobile application has risen from ten thousands to millions in the past few years. It is also founded that IT and ICT expenses from these four technologies has increase the number of industry’s value from 2016 to 2021 for 10.6% every year, equal 40% of all IT expense, and it also create numbers of investments in the industry. 

Therefore, the Department of Industry Promotion, together with the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion, has organized an E-commerce workshop seminar under topics, “Digital Commerce: the Key to Lead ASEAN Business” and “Tools for Digital Commerce and Social Media Marketing,” in order to prepare businesses before entering ASEAN economic community in 2016.

Thanapongphan Thanyarattakul, CEO of 2 3 Perspective Co. Ltd., said that the four megatrends – Mobility, Social, Cloud and Big Data, have created new business opportunities and new models. With the idea of “Unified Cloud,” new channels for communication and purchase were created from the “Platform Ecosystem” such as IOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook, LINE and Alibaba. Content can now be personalized as never before which can create interaction and present products and services tailored to users and make more sales. The management of “Big Data” on social networks is also fast and effective which helps businesses access and interact better online. 

Saranee Boonritthongchai, the Head of B2B Marketing at Google Thailand, said that the online world has jumped into the age of smartphones. According to the statistics, the average of the time people spend online is at seven hours per day and 150 times per day per person. This makes mobile application a very important marketing tool in the future. Google has been answering new needs by developing new tools – Google Trend, Google Global Marketing Finder, and Google Display Network. 

Ratiya Issarachaikul, SMB Manager from Facebook Thailand, said that nowadays, the society has entered the age of Mobile First where everyone uses smartphones for communication. Statistics say that people spend time on Facebook 2.6 hours per day which is longer than the time they spend for television. There is a variety of activities people do on Facebook – watching videos, posting videos, searching for interesting products and services, and sharing contents. Businesses need to adapt themselves to this change of trend.

Nipon Saengteerapanich, Managing Director of Digital Groove, said that the growth of Social Media in Thailand and the change of consumer behaviors have made businesses need to adapt themselves to survive the competition by utilizing various channels – website, social media, and mobile application. It is important to choose the right tools and manage them in the most effective way for the business.