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4 World’s IT Mega-trends Pushing Businesses, Adjusting Strategies, and Stepping to “Digital Innovation” Era


Thai Digital Economic Path on Global Stage

Previously, the government have come up with the idea of pushing Thailand’s economy to be driven by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They use the digital economic policy from the upcoming digital economic, mega-project, and 4G model scheme.

4 World’s IT Mega-trends ; Mobility, Social, Cloud, and Big Data

However, new technological changes, known as mega-trend, have affected the IT industry throughout the world during 2015- 2020, including Mobility, Social, Cloud, and Big Data.

This can be a new upcoming task and challenge for those who deal with businesses with or without ICT industry, in order to prepare for the change.

From Millions of People, Thousands of Applications to Billions of People, Millions of Applications

The overall image of IT expenses throughout the world is resulted by the existence of technologies like Mobility, Social, Cloud, and Big Data. These technologies can push IT industry to serve billions of users, instead of millions like in the past, and provide millions of applications, instead of thousands, to the users within few years.

New ICT Expenses Are Equal to 40% of Total IT Expenses

According to the information from International Data Corporation (IDC), the advisor and analyst of global market, the overall image of IT and ICT expenses, caused by technologies like Mobility, Social Business, Cloud, and Big Data, will urge the industrial value up to 10.6% per year, or equal to 40% of the total IT expenses, from 2015- 2020. This also results in 95% business sector’s investment in these new technologies, compared to the former ones, such as Client/Server model, Eternet, Wintel Server, RDBMSs, and other applications used in the former business sectors.

New Challenge and Advantage Construction for New Competition

The change of the main platform which provides this year’s IT industry services pushes the business to adapt new technologies and solutions necessarily, so that it can create better relations and experiences with customers and speed the ability to provide goods and services. This can lead to service innovation as well as effectiveness and reliability of the operation. The business will become flexible and will adjust its strategies to save or to continue the leading position of the competition.

Future Business Opportunities in “Digital Innovation” Era

The occurring change, in the overall image, is considered to cause the revolution to the whole industry. Thanaphongphan Thanyarattakul, chief executive officer of 2 3 Perspective Co., Ltd, said that

technologies like Mobility, Social, Cloud, and Big Data result in new business opportunities for Thai businesses and entrepreneurs to approach the consumers throughout the world.

These technologies combine the digital world and physical world together, causing changes in the experience of goods and services introduction to the customers, as well as causing more value and new incomes. This especially refers to ...

  1. the use of resources for more effectiveness according to Unified Cloud’s idea,
  2. the new channels of communication and trading from new Platform Ecosystem, such as iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Line, and Alibaba.
  3. The individual data presentations which have never happened before on smart phones in line with Mobile 3.0
  4. The individual data presentations which have never happened before on other channels like Smart Voice, cars, wearable devices, or other active Inter media under Commerce Relevancy idea, which causes interaction, satisfying goods and services introduction, and more sales.
  5. "Big Data", gaining popularity online and becoming word of mouth through Social Media, could be effectively and promptly managed by Social Controller; Social Listening and Social Engagement. Social Listening is real-time based online tracking how people are speaking about brand online while Social Engagement is the centre of social media management. These two functions allow organisation and agency to immediately reach out and connect to online society, so they can manage brand crisis that occurs in online media . Moreover, they help organisation and agency on trend tracking, customer relationship management, competitor analysis, including plan and follow up campaign. In addition, they can increase sales and profit with effective and measurable result.