VR virtual reality
Virtual reality, the mega trend in 2016, transforms the way to consume digital media by creating the virtual environment. The VR headsets from variety manufacturing are expected to launch this year, such as, Oculus, HTC Vive and Play station VR. Combining headset with application, this would apply to game, entertainment, architecture, marketing, as well as business. The VR game lets you have more reality experience with never seen perceptive. It could be present live action image or video content both 360º and 180º by spherical camera production. Our VR solution could be used from Google card board to application for complex headset.
Digital Media Cloud
Digital media cloud is the portal of your business to effectively manage your media. Digital Media System allows you quickly and securely upload media to store on the platform. Bases on cloud-enabled digital media solutions, the platform can be scalable to serve the huge number of the users. Meanwhile, it has the capability to collect high amount of media data. The concept provides cost effective storage with simply manage solution.
Mobile booking and loyalty management platform
A complete set of booking application, users can check, see show details (movie details), book tickets, find venue’s locations, watch trailers or performance sample, or even mark it as favorite and share them with your friends on social networks. The main capabilities are booking and buying tickets, check out promotions, manage tickets, movie location lookups and even integrate with core booking systems. The scalable infrastructure can provide the reliable services with virtually unlimited number of users.
Community-based traffic platform
The community-based traffic application with location base service provides traffic condition, route trouble and specific location alert (i.e. traffic jam or accident) by crowd sourcing. This kind of community-based traffic application makes all the ways you are used to travel and commute more convenient. The application has the feature to connect with Google map to leverage the capability of “Get Direction” and Facebook to be enabling “Share” capability.
Community-based shopping platform
Shopping on the go with your smartphone. Community-based shopping platform, the new era of lifestyle marketplace, makes application’s users find out and shop with location dependent item. From location commerce capability, the location search feature, let business to promote hi-light products or promotion items directly to the shopper around you. In addition, the platform consists of privilege management, social sell feature with user friendly sell mechanic; just take a photo, set price, post and share. In addition, Shoppers could complete shopping experience both online and offline with review system.
Smart watch app
Stay in touch with wearable device. Smart watch app provides the entirely new channel to interact and connect with your friend. Apart from timekeeper, smart watch app creates smart way of communication, health and fitness, map, or even payment solution. Smart watch could be applying to be personalize, game or navigation application. Directly from your wrist, the breakthrough idea comes out from this exciting solution to improve everyone connectively.
Chat for business
Chat for business, your trusted communication channel for your business. Chat application is more than just chatting. It could be the customer service channel, communication or even collaboration tool. The highlight capability includes customize feature to suit your organization use and scalability to serve more users. Moreover, the chat for business solution keeps the privacy of your business within your promises with private or hybrid cloud capability.
Touch Screen solution
Touchscreens solution has all-new interactions to display your content. Our solution embeds with digital media distribution system and media management system. Technologies could be adapted to the next level of interaction include image processing; motion detection, face detection with multi touch screen and multi camera. The display materials include text, image, video and interactive interface. Our touchscreen solution is the alternative way to provide general information and advertising, create and influence customer behavior or even enhance customer experience.
The comprehensive solution for your Smart Business. Shop owners can easily manage their stores with brand new mobile point of sale (mPOS). Important design concepts of our solution are cloud technology and the capability to tailor the solution for serving diverse business process. Our cloud-based point of sale (POS) has the advantage of data centralization, accessibility anywhere and flexibility to provide out of store service. This includes features to enhance their business effectiveness by multi payment method and receipts management, customer loyalty program, and promotional management. As well, back office system provides all reports and tool they need to know about their stores.
The game changing technology, beacon enhances the customer experience by allowing users to connect with their customers by the right time and right location. Base on Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacon can produce useful applications such as distributing message at the specific point of interest, indoor location system, navigating to specific point of interest, promotional campaign using location base action or even offering personalize deal for mobile marketing.
Smart education platform
Innovative education platform helps teacher and student to achieve their study goal. From stakeholder insight to the product, Smart education platform transforms technology advancement into educational advantage. The main features are e-learning, interactive lesson, online exercise and test, teacher feedback and report. Student and parent can stay in touch with their teachers using Thailand Smart Education platform. This tool builds effective learning method for smarter student, for brighter Education.
Augmented Reality mobile application
The new breakthrough of interaction between mobile application and user, augmented reality comes up with gamification trend as users can play with application using their hand and finger. The concept would adapt to learning solution, social mechanic or dynamic information provider. Embedded with gesture technology, dynamic information could change the way people consume the information with their phone by panning their phone.