Team and Role

Are you one of those who enjoys playing with technology changes?

If yes, let's join us! We're a Bangkok-based and fast-growing company who provides innovative services -- information and communications technology, in a creative way.

Diverse, but Unified

- We value initiative, collaborative and organized teamwork. Self-management is over bureaucracy.
- We are always driven by a quick but qualified completion of projects.
- Smart, ambitious, and passionate people are working together as a team, in a relaxed and full-of-fun environment despite regular or tight deadlines.
- Cross-functional team members are collaborating with other teams in each projects.

Open Innovation

Although we're basically competing in software and I.T. industry, we also combine great marketing strategies, creative and technical minds to demystify specialized content through an open and transparent environment. By developing integrated hardware, software and services, we leverage the opportunities digital world offers for our partners, our customers and for ourselves.